Loving Mother Captures Her Daughter's 'Fairytale'
March 5, 2015 #art #family #impact
By VictoriaJMaeson
Her daughter is so captivating that you'll easily miss what she's hiding behind her back. Hint: read all the way through, and look closely at her left arm. 

Welcome to my Wonderland.

Where friends are always welcome.

Holly Spring

Here, we play all day.

And masquerade parties erupt at dusk.

Even the water and sky will come together to capture the warmth of the sun.

In this land, fairies do exist.

And little girls can dance on clouds.

Even the trees will join in our dance.

And sometimes, really big friends will come and play.

Our wonderland is indeed a special place.

When you must leave, remember: our land is a secret land. Be sure to keep our secret.

Holly Spring's daughter was born with Hirschsprung's Disease and no left hand. At 2.5 months, Violet had to undergo a serious surgery and almost lost her life. Afraid to lose her daughter and eager to capture memories, Holly says "she really has inspired me to be a photographer." And out of that, what magic has come.

Holly set out to portray her daughter, 4-year-old Violet Spring in the most beautiful, whimsical fashion letting Violet's own "character and wonder" shine through. Holly wanted to show Violet that she "can be and do anything that she wants."

Her daughter is a "beautiful...fierce, intelligent fighter" and Holly says, Violet is her muse.

Photographer's note: in the image with the Giraffe, she took the mirror image of her daughter for creative purposes to keep the continuity of light in the piece (combining an image of Violet and an image of the giraffe).
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